Multi User Wordpress Theme Use Statistics

here's the pie chart representinting Theme Use Satistics built for some site, which is running under multi-user wordpress (WPMU).
beleive it or not, this statisctic is pretty significant and built over a sufficient amount of users. and here goes some legend
default 56.64%
borderlinechaos 3.09%
head 1,96%
notebook 1,81%
letterhead 1,49%
quentin 1,47%
northern-web-coders 1,32%
almost-spring 1,30%
black-letterhead 1,23%
daisyraegemini 1,21%
fauna 1,17%
batavia 1,15%
jakarta 1,14%
anthurium 1,13%
and the rest of chart occupy about 60 themes, every one of them less than 1 percent.

Pie Chart Povray Script http://news.povray.org/povray.unix/thread/%3C44fa2396$1@news.povray.org%3E/

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